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Creating a memorable Customer Experience in your Facilities

While in person gatherings are minimal in 2020 due to Covid, we will eventually need to be able to host visitors at our facilities in order to have meaningful in-person meetings and demonstrations. Corporate Interiors that help tell your story can be a key part of your overall brand image. This blog focuses on creating memorable customer experience. Your visitor experience centers can come in many forms. From the very simple to the complex, it should still be inviting, engaging, and informative for visiting guests. Your ultimate goal is for your guests to leave with a sense of understanding about your brand. What problems does it solve for them? Solving your clients problems can only happen effectively if there is a close collaboration between content, architecture, brand message, and technology and human interaction.

Use your Corporate Interior to build your brand

Your Customer Experience center really exists to enable you, your brand, and your personnel to effectively communicate your benefit, and the problem you solve for your customers. Every element in your facility that speaks to your brand needs to be consistent, and re-enforce those benefits constantly. Read more about expressing your brand from our recently published e-book: “Express your brand from the moment they walk in the door”.

When designing a branded environment or corporate interior space, it’s important to understand the basic elements needed. When we meet with clients to discuss their branded corporate environment, these are some of the questions we have.

  • Does it have a reception or greeting area?
  • Will you be hosting small groups or larger groups?
  • Does the space you want to use have adequate lighting?
  • Will you employ technology to help communicate with your visitors? Most customer experience centers have an open, flexible floorplan to provide a welcome feeling, but divided into zones that allow for demos of product or technology.

In our recent blog article “8 Reasons to promote a Strong Brand Strategy” one of the most important things your brand can do for you is to provide motivation and clarity. Your Customer Experience Environment can help do this as well. Digital Signage monitors can help communicate new products, announcements, or trending topics of the day. This clarity for your brand can help elevate a visitors understanding.

Useful elements to incorporate into any Environment:

  • Company Timeline and History to help visitors understand where your company comes from
  • Product highlight areas to showcase new products
  • Technology: Audio Visual tools, Lighting, and other Digital assets
  • Comfortable Seating and reception areas for one-on-one meetings
  • Open and spacious group gathering areas

With the onset of the Covid pandemic, meeting at a customer experience center has been diminished a great deal, but in the near future we will all return to face to face meetings, and your facility can be ready to handle visitors safely once again. We would be excited to help your organization develop a vision for a Branded Environment or Customer Experience Center. For more information please contact us:

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