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Covid-19 Facility Response Planning

Ensure your facilities and grounds are ready for the return of your work force, students, or other visitors. We can help with facility social distancing design and implementation and a safe and effective Return to office strategy. Please read on for more resources and products that are available from Apogee for helping plan the return of staff, students, or visitors to your facilities..

By reviewing the latest publication by the Center for Disease Control (the CDC), the “Resuming Business Toolkit” can be a helpful resource. A link to the CDC’s toolkit can be found here:

Facility Design and Re-imagination post-Covid

  • Office layout Design and Re-imagination Post-Covid19
  • Employee/Visitor screening structures and equipment
  • Office/Facility Hygiene and Disinfection equipment
  • Social Distancing solutions
  • Custom displays and hardware for any floorplan
3D rendering of an office interior with social distancing safety measures

Facility Hygiene and Disinfection Solutions

At Apogee, we have taken workplace disinfection seriously. We are already helping clients in their facilities. As a result we know it would be important for them consider facility disinfection as well. Several of our staff are now GBAC Certified at Apogee for Facility disinfection protocols related to fighting the spread of Covid-19. When your people return to work, you can assure them you’ve made all possible efforts to ensure their safety and health.

For more information on the many Office and Facility Disinfection prevention products we offer, visit our page dedicated to those products below: