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Facility Safety and Hygiene Solutions

Keep Your Office Safe, Sanitized & Branded

As the country re-opens, every business owner is determining how to make the office a safe place for both employees and visitors. Different towns, cities, counties, and even states have varying mandates for businesses to open amid the Covid-19 outbreak. And while many companies are doing the bare minimum to comply, there are ways to both mitigate the spread of germs and continue to keep your brand top-of-mind while showing care for those in the office environment.

To find out how to deploy these solutions and discuss safety and sanitation options specifically for your business reach out to us today! An Apogee representative is ready to assist.

Facility Sanitation Products

Frequent sanitation of your facilities will be crucial in helping your staff and guests feel safe when they visit your locations.

Sanitizing Solutions- MA-2 Defense Cart

The Garsite MA-2 Defense Sprayer/Mister offers an effective and efficient solution to spray and disinfect large indoor and outdoor target areas without using gas engines or having to rely on short lived battery packs. This is in the Ultra low Volume class that reduces the use of costly chemicals. Read more here

Emist Electrostatic Applicators

Available in hand-held, back-pack, or roller cart conversion.

Our EM360™ system applies disinfectant
solutions with its patented technology to
environmental surfaces using electrostatic
induction charging. The liquid droplets are
positively charged by the spray system which
is then driven to the surface target area in a
consistent manner allowing for
comprehensive uniform coverage. It is
safe on sensitive equipment and
treats areas untouched by
traditional methodologies.

Genesis 2.6 Fogger

For Air purification and surface disinfection.

Easy to use

Adjustable Nozzle

1 gallon HOCl capacity

1-year manufacturer warranty

Disinfect both lingering aerosols and surfaces

…More info here

Temperature Sensor Systems

  • Your first line of defense!
  • Easy to operate. Simply show your face to activate scanning.
  • Touchless to help stop the spread of germs.
  • Has a large tablet and very visible at the entry point
  • It’s fast – reads the temperature in 2 seconds
  • Runs on the Android platform which is easy to program and operate
  • Has an LED light on the front of the stand which catches your eye and announces the system
  • Delivers results verbally – flashes either green or red depending on the results
  • Will read your temperature even with a mask
  • Will tell the person to wear a mask if that is your policy
  • Allows you set an “abnormal” temperature setting
  • Accurate to less than .01 degrees
  • Does not require additional payments for software or updates
  • Does not charge a monthly/yearly software subscription

Sanitizing Stands & Wall-Mounted Sanitizing Stations

These branded hand sanitizer stands hold a refillable dispenser with the option of a customizable health and hygiene message area. These stations can be placed in multiple locations in your facility to help minimize the spread of germs.

Wall mounted stations can be added to common high-traffic, high-contact areas to re-enforce proper hand sanitizing throughout your building.  Add custom messaging to promote safety.

Wayfinding and Safety Graphics

Removable/temporary graphics can help guide visitors, promote social distancing, and even help direct traffic into and out of your facility.  Our temporary graphic solutions kits include everything you need to help promote safety on nearly any surface.

Vital Oxide™

Vital Oxide™ is a hospital grade disinfectant that is on the EPA List-N for disinfectants that kill the Covid-19 virus. Proven to kill a wide variety of viruses and bacteria, Vital Oxide does not contain volatile organic compounds (VOCs).

  • Food Contact Sanitizer
  • Mold and Mildew Killer
  • Allergen Eliminator
  • Odor Eliminator
  • HVAC and Air Duct Disinfection
  • Soft Surface Sanitizer


Apogee is proud to be a distributor of Disinfexol®. Disinfexol is an EPA registered Hospital-Grade Cleaner and Disinfectant. It is 99.935% reverse osmosis water and .065% HOCl, the most effective disinfectant. Ready-to-use 32 oz spray bottle.  Perfect for hard surfaces and appliances.  Made in USA. Learn more about the process of manufacturing this highly effective product here:

Hand Washing Stations

Indoor or outdoor, provide hand-washing stations throughout your facilities and grounds with branded portable sink solutions.

Self-Contained Portable Sink Units

Foot pump operated sink units for areas where no electric is available, such as outdoor venues, parking lots, or manufacturing floor.  Electric units are also available. Each unit comes complete with dispenser, or you can provide your own dispensers.  Custom signage included.

Office Safety Solutions

Desk/Cubicle Dividers, Sneeze guards, and more for a post Covid-19 workplace.

Office Safety-Social Distancing Solutions

Is your office prepared to reopen post COVID-19? Rather than investing in costly remodels, organizations are now trying to reconfigure existing spaces, with an eye towards keeping employees safe from infection and giving them the peace of mind needed to return.  Modular partition dividers, and safety shields can be adapted and installed in existing cubicles. Hand sanitizer dispensers and other accessories can be mounted to the framework. Custom branding for employees can be added to help personalize the spaces.  Available with printable antimicrobial fabrics for improved workplace safety.