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MA-2 Defense Cart/Disinfectant Applicator

Disinfect your facilities with the MA-2 Defense cart. This equipment is used to efficiently distribute disinfectant. Fully assembled in the USA and carries a 1-year warranty. Currently available to ship immediately. This applicator is an Ultra-low-volume machine spraying a droplet pattern approximately 50 microns in diameter. That means this machine distributes material at an approximate rate of 1 gallon/hr. Other sprayers distribute as much as 3x the material resulting in much higher disinfectant costs.

$2795 Plus shipping

Quickly and efficiently disinfect large areas with minimal use of chemical


The MA-2 Defense Sprayer offers superior functionality to competitors in the same space. The nozzle provides proven technology coupled with high volume airflow to get effective and efficient disinfectant distribution.

– Assembled in the USA

– 2.5 USG On Board Disinfectant Capacity

– Simple, one button operation

– No Touch application: Depending on the disinfecting being used, the operator does not need to spray and wipe

– 25 ft cord that can accept an additional 75 foot extension cord for large area coverage


– Remove loose articles (Paper and lightweight products) from the area to be sprayed

– If possible, remove any heavy soil, dirt and grime from area to be treated

– Identify surrounding area with markers or signage that the area is being cleaned

– All people using the sprayer, on site or in the immediate area should be wearing the proper PPE according to the chemical/disinfectant manufactures MSDS. Anyone not wearing the proper PPE should leave the area.

– Spray cleaner should be applied from 3-5 away from the target surface area. To ensure proper coverage, apply spray from side to side using slow motions and working from high to low.

– Important. Make sure targeted surface areas are visibly wet for the advised disinfectant wetness time (dwell time varies based on disinfectant used)

– Wiping down the area after spray application is not typically advised. Leave the chosen disinfectant/cleaner on the treated area for the recommended soak time. Once achieved, wipe down or polish areas that may have a visible residue (Mirrors, Glass, Etc.) if necessary.

– Once application is complete, the area can reopened.

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